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Friendly Home is licensed by the State of Rhode Island and is Medicare/Medicaid certified. We also accept most other insurances.

Private Rates
Semi-private room: $225/day
Bed-Hold charge: $50

New Resident Information

  1. Our normal visiting hours are from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. and from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Family and government officials may visit at any time.
  2. We do personal laundry so be sure to label all belongings with a permanent marker.
  3. We suggest the following clothing items:
    • 5-6 Dresses
    • 5-6 T-Shirts
    • 3-4 Brassieres
    • 5-6 Pair of Underwear
    • 3 Slips
    • 3-4 Pair of Pants
    • 5-6 Shirts
    • 2 Housecoats
    • 2 Sweaters
    • 3 Nightgowns or sets of PJ’s
    • 1 Robe
    • 2 Pair of shoes or sneakers
    • 2 Pair of slippers
    • 6 Pair of Socks or Stockings
  4. We will provide routine personal hygiene items and services as required to meet the needs of residents.
  5. Our beauty parlor is available by appointment if you would like your personal hairdresser/barber to come in. Our own hairdresser/barber can be booked through the Activities Department. Please arrange to pay her/him in advance for services.
  6. Furniture can be brought from home, chairs must be vinyl or leather, no cloth allowed. Please keep size consideration in mind.
  7. Please check with the office before bringing in any furniture, appliances, etc. for your relative.
  8. If you have decorative items to hang, please let our maintenance staff hang them to avoid any wall damage.
  9. Telephone jacks are provided in each room. Simply call Verizon to arrange for service. A telephone is available in the unit lounge for residents’ private calls.
  10. Friendly Home provides basic cable service in each room. Expanded or premium service can be added by calling James Campanini of Cox Communications @ (401) 641-6396. That additional service will be billed to you directly.
  11. Snacks – please check with the charge nurse before giving food to any resident, including your relative. Many people are on special diets.
  12. If your relative goes to the hospital, please call the business office to let us know if you want to reserve the bed. (There is a charge for this).
  13. Please do not keep money or other valuables in your relative’s room.

As a family member, you have the right to form a family council in order to address general issues affecting residents at Friendly Home.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact any one of the following Department Heads:


Administrator - Shaun Cournoyer
Director of Nursing Services - Leslie Richardson
Director of Building Services - Daniel M. Gendron
Activities - Nancy Martineau
Social Services - Lisa LaMontagne
Office Manager - Carla Martin
Food Service Director - Lynne Leroux

Family Notifications